Blue Buffalo Foundation
Announces $60,000
in Scholarships


You Made Lilo Proud

With your help, over $2 million was raised to
fight pet cancer this May. Thank you for
giving best pals like Lilo a second chance!


The lovable face
that launched PCA

Many a great cause starts with four paws. See
how a family dog inspired the Pet Cancer
Awareness program.

 Meet Blue

Fighting Cancer is a
Family Affair

The Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever
Lifetime Study is just one of the many valuable
studies we support to help furry loved ones, like
brothers Cody and Milton, live longer lives.

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3,000 Golden
Retrievers Make the
Best Volunteers

See how researchers are gaining valuable
information about pet cancer prevention and
treatments from the largest lifetime study of
Golden Retrievers.

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Where the Money Goes

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