by Bill Bishop, Chairman and Founder of Blue Buffalo and Blue’s Pet Parent

Blue became a member of the Bishop family in the fall of 1993. A large breed Airedale with boundless energy, Blue loved to be where the action was. He’d chase anything that moved, and loved it when we chased him around the house.

Blue’s first encounter with cancer occurred in June 2000 when he was 7 years old and in his prime. We felt a lump on the back of his neck that turned out to be malignant. After the lump was removed by a vet oncologist, Blue recovered quickly and was back to being his old self in only a few weeks. 

All was well for over a year, and then we discovered another lump. This one was on his right side just behind his front leg. Again the lump was malignant, and again it was surgically removed. 

When Blue came home after a few days in the hospital, we “customized” a college sweatshirt for him to wear so he couldn’t get at the stitches. Again complete recovery was fast, and our boy was back protecting our backyard and looking for handouts at family cookouts. 

Everything was normal for the next few years and we thought Blue had beaten cancer for good. But in the winter of 2004, he suddenly developed a terrible cough. 

We took him to the oncologist right away, but Blue had lymphoma and it had spread throughout his body. Options were discussed and our only thought was to do what would be best for our boy.

We decided to try chemotherapy, and were amazed at how well Blue tolerated it, and how it seemed to make him well again. With regular treatments Blue lived happily with his family for another six months, before peacefully passing away. 

Blue fought the good fight, and brought a lot of happiness to our family for many years. We think of him often, and the Blue Buffalo Company honors his memory by funding cancer research studies, raising awareness of the early warning signs, and helping pet parents with the cost of treatment. 

Blue would be proud!