The Perseus Foundation, 2016

Name of the Fund:
The Magic Bullet Fund

Who/what does it fund?
Funding care for pets with cancer whose owners cannot afford care

Financial assistance available for individuals living in the following region(s):
United States

How to apply?
The Magic Bullet Fund provides financial assistance for cancer treatment fees for dogs. Learn more about The Magic Bullet Fund and see if you qualify for assistance here. 

About the Perseus Foundation

The Perseaus Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Educate the public and scientific community about the biologic similarity of cancer in pets and people
  • Communicate the ways in which comparative oncology is accelerating the treatment and prevention of cancer
  • Provide financial assistance to people who have dogs with cancer but cannot afford the high cost of treatment
  • Encourage and promote research focused on the biologic similarity of cancer in pets and people that will expedite therapeutic and preventive benefits for both
  • Establish Pets&Pals a program designed for pediatric oncology patients that is dedicated to helping pet lovers and professionals understand and work toward improved treatment of dogs with cancer
  • Create “a home away from home” for pet owners and their beloved animal friends to stay together during treatment.

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