Survivors' Tales

Made possible thanks to your generous donations to our Pet Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Kiss, Cancer Survivor

Edith Ann, Cancer Fighting Kitty

Chance of a Lifetime

Affected by Pet Cancer?

Because pet cancer can affect any family at any time, we’ve teamed up with the Petco Foundation to do our part to help. In the Pet Cancer Resource Guide, you’ll find a list of recent grant recipients that have funds available to help pet parents offset the cost of pet cancer treatment. If your family is in need of assistance, please start here. 

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Golden Heroes

3,000 Golden Retrievers are now enrolled in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study so that researchers can closely examine how early-life exposures affect their health and well-being. Investigators will track the Goldens from about one-and-a-half years old to age 10, so they can identify the four most prevalent cancers in the breed. The valuable information gained will be used to explore new treatments, prevention and eventually a cure for all canine cancer.


Lending A Hand

Blue Buffalo (formerly Blue Buffalo Foundation) has been helping organizations and families fight pet cancer for over 10 years. Here are just some of the organizations and recipients who’ve recently benefited from all the generous donations we’ve received.

Memorial to Beloved “Emma” Helps Other Canines

Emma's Foundation for Canine Cancer gives resources, referrals and financial aid to pet parents who can’t afford the cost of treating their dog’s cancer. By helping families with financial needs, the organization hopes to spare or prolong the life of our canine friends. We couldn’t agree more.

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Novel Human Drug Tested on Feline Cancer

Our funds are helping Dr. Stuart C. Helfand’s Oregon State University study that’s testing a new drug to inhibit Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a painful, aggressive cancer with few available treatments and no cure. Dr. Helfand is studying a drug that has shown promise when used to treat humans with the same cancer.

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Helping Needy Families through the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

Working directly with veterinarians, needy families can now get treatments for their pets that have cancer. Like us, the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund helps scientists research the latest life-saving treatments, gives pet parents the knowledge they need to understand risk factors, and stresses the importance of early testing and diagnosis.

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