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Phase II Study of Oral Docetaxel and Cyclosporine in Feline Epithelial Cancer, 2008-2009

Principal investigator: Dr. Margaret C. McEntee, Cornell University

Cancer has increasingly become an important cause of illness and death in companion animals, but limited resources are available for early testing of new treatments. As a result, little clinical data is available to confirm efficacy of these treatments in cats. In addition, some of the most effective chemotherapeutic agents aren’t usable in cats due to their administration requirements or potential to cause toxicity. Docetaxel is one of the most effective human anticancer drugs, but because it causes adverse reactions in cats when given intravenously, it hasn’t been thoroughly evaluated. Docetaxel combined with cyclosporine dramatically improves the absorption of oral docetaxel from the GI tract, and avoids the adverse reactions. A previously funded study determined the best dose of oral docetaxel. This study will now evaluate the effectiveness of docetaxel in treatment of cats with epithelial cancer.