A Healthy Household for Pets

How Healthy Is Your Home?

Most pet parents don't think about the harmful chemicals in the household products they buy, but the fact is many of those products can pose a real health risk. Here are just a few examples:
  • Bleach, detergents, wall/floor/toilet bowl cleaners
  • Rust removers, metal polish, drain cleaners
  • Ammonia, oven cleaners, furniture polish, floor wax
  • Lawn, garden, automotive products
  • Bedding, resting mats

What's The Answer?

Commitment, commitment, commitment. Commit to pet safety by eliminating as many of these potential dog and cat cancer sources as possible.


It also means reading labels and buying only products that use non-toxic plant, fruit or vegetable oils. Advanced technology has enabled companies to develop products that work as well as more traditional products, but are safer for you, your pets and our planet.

Reduce environmental risks by choosing:
  • Products with grain alcohol instead of toxic butyl cellosolve
  • Plant-based cleaners and detergents using corn, palm kernel, or coconut oil instead of petroleum
  • Fragrance-free products because the “fragrance” components (phthalates) have been linked to animal cancer in lab testing
  • Plant-oil disinfectants based on eucalyptus, rosemary, or sage rather than triclosan
  • White vinegar, which is excellent for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens